Pattern Languages Of Program Design

This is a series of books that came out of the early PLoP conferences. hillside

There are two collectors' editions of the first volume. The rarest version bears no editorial attribution on the spine; only a few such books were released by the publisher. A few thousand copies sport a sticker bearing the editors' names. We expect the final production version to bear the editors' names on the spine.

Volume one was published in 1995 and edited by Jim Coplien and Doug Schmidt. [ISBN 0-201-60734-4].

Volume two was published in 1996 and edited by John Vlissides, Jim Coplien, and Norm Kerth. [ISBN 0-201-89527-7].

Volume three was published in 1997 and edited by Robert Martin, Dirk Riehle, and Frank Buschmann. [ISBN 0-201-31011-2].

Volume four was published in 1999 and edited by Neil Harrison, Brian Foote, and Hans Rohnert, [ISBN 0-201-43304-4].

Volume five was published in 2006 and edited by Dragos Manolescu, Markus Voelter, and James Noble, ISBN 0321321944.

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