Recommitment Meeting

Work Splits offer a mechanism to keep to a schedule that can be initiated from within a development group. If a Product Initiative is in jeprody because Implied Requirements cannot be met through schedule and Work Queue adjustments, then it is unlikely any other development initiated activity will help.

Management up to at least the level that began the initiative will suddenly take interest in all circumstances leading up to the current situation. Some of this is natural and appropriate. But it won't be a time of high productivity and shouldn't be allowed to continue too long.

Therefore: Assemble a meeting of interested management and key development people.

Allow the meeting to review history until all present agree simple adjustments (like working weekends, or adding staff) won't help. Eventually a solution appears, usually expressed as a question of the form:

What is the least amount of work required to do X? X is one person's idea of the most important part of the initiative. The question should be answered quickly and confidently by consulting a recent Work Queue Report. The process may repeat for plans Y and Z. Ultimately a plan will be selected. Then the remainder of the meeting is devoted to talking through implications of the decision and getting all parties commitment to the new plan and/or schedule.

This, of course, is another form of episode. The decisions are ones of allocating business resources and belong in upper management. However, all present can contribute, and should do so in a frank, honest, non-defensive and constructive way.