Informal Labor Plan

The Development Episode presents an ideal that must be worked into the lives of people trying to get a big job done quickly. Developers will often find themselves obligated to more than one in-progress Development Episode at a time. The Work Queue offers one prioritization, though one that ignores the many small tradeoffs possible when the work is at hand.

Therefore: Let individuals devise their own short-term plans. Accept that much of the group activity implied in a Development Episode will take place pair-wise between group members that find the time to tackle some issue together. Avoid the temptation to call a meeting where a developmental climax is intended to happen. It won't. Instead let individuals express interests and make commitments to each other. And let them revise these intentions on a moment's notice when the energy of some episode reaches an irresistible level.

A Development Episode is actually composed of a series of Programming Episodes, some of which must take place in (at least) pairs if any approximation of group consciousness is to form. An individual's labor plan is his tool to make these connections happen. Pair Programming Facilities are configurations of the physical environment that can reduce this planning to an occasional promise in the hallway.